Arranging the U Shaped Couches in the Small Room

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The room in the house will not feel crowded even though filled with large U shaped couches .

Having a little room is often a challenge for the homeowners in choosing the furniture and all the components in the room. The selection must be good or it will be less attractive, not neat, or even seems cramped. One of furniture that needs to be considered placed in a small house is a couch. The shape of the couch will greatly affect the comfort of indoors. Currently couch consists of several forms. Selection couch with proper form will make the atmosphere in the room became more comfortable and does not seem cramped. You can try with U shaped couches.

Couch with the shape of the letter U is the right choice for small sized room. Indeed, not all large couches can be placed in a small room. It is because the too large size of a couch will make the room looks more cramped. However, it is not for U shaped couches. Although the size is large enough, this couch can still be tolerated if placed in a tiny room.

U shaped sectional couches

Interior design experts say some things that should be considered when arranging the U shaped sectional couches in the living room or family room that is small. Therefore, you need consider the following tips.

  1. Patch

To make the narrow spaces does not look narrow, take a look at the way of couch placement. Put the U shaped couches in a small room is to stick it to the 3 side walls of the room.

  1. Type of Couch

U shape couches type currently consists of various shapes and models. You can choose a couch that consists of three separate parts so that the arrangement easier.

  1. Backrest of the couch

Currently couch is made with a model with backrest and without backrest models. For the backrest selection, it should be sufficient in the back and also not high.

  1. Middle distance space

Mid-distance space or distance between the two sides of the edge of the couch should not be less than 1.3 meters. It is considered for the convenience of the feet of people sitting on the couch.

  1. The width of the couch

Ideal couch seat width is between 55 -56 cm with 40-45 cm height.

  1. Color of the couch

Selection of couch color should be adjusted to the room color. If the wall room is colorful, you should choose a couch with soft and bright colors combined with dark color of cushions. If the walls are white, you can choose a couch with dark colors combined with a light pillow.

  1. Couch Cover

In choosing a couch, you should choose a couch cover that can be removed so it will facilitate the process of care.

With some of the tips above, arranging the couch with a U shape in a tiny room is expected to be successful.

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