Beautify Your Bow Window Curtains With Proper Curtain

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Get right bow window curtains rod for your bow window

Do you have bow window in your home? The Bow window curves outward from your interior elegantly. You need bow window curtains to cover your bow window.  Some of bow windows have a space to set the shades and rods over the windows directly. You could use a blind or shade to couple the center split continuous curtain. You could mount the curtain as far as possible above the window frame and allow your bow window curtains to drop to the floor to expand the height of your window visually. Take the blind or shade in the window frame. You are recommended to use neutral colors to decrease the visual impact.

You could add a valance to get perceived height of your window section. You can add either separate valances or continuous valances. Use stationary or functioning panel. The style of valance should match with the style of the room. For example, if your room is designed in country style, the best choice is a ruffled valance. You should consider the hardware to mount the style. Choose the hardware that properly matches with the valance.  If you choose board mounted box pleat valance, you may need to cut the board to fit the board fit with the angle.

Bow window curtains rod

You may get difficulties when installing the panel in your bow windows. The best rod for your bow window is the thicker rod. Mount the bow window curtains rod up to 12 inches on each side to allow you pull back the panel. Hang the panel on the rods. For more aesthetic look, you could allow the panel to puddle faintly or break properly on the floor. The continuous rod has expensive price. If your budget is not enough, you could consider the separate rod on every window section. Every curtain could stack in one side or split in the center of the window. If the wide of your window is more than 36 inches, you should take the center split since the tab top or grommet panel could not over the bracket. You could add your curtain with pinch pleat and a wall toned non patterned fabric to make it looks more classic. On the other hand, if you want to get modern statement, you could add a modern geometric print flat front panel. You can hang straight your curtain in the bow window curtains rod to get modern look, but if you want to get casual look you could tie back the panel.

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