Bringing Back the Beauty of Kitchen with Restain Kitchen Cabinets

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Besides having strong and durable kitchen cabinets, the beauty of them should be maintained well by doing restain kitchen cabinets .

Kitchen is a place to do the cooking. Arranging the kitchen as beautiful as possible enables you to design the kitchen with dining room fused. As one element of a building or house, the interior in the kitchen must be considered well. One of them is a kitchen cabinet. Moreover, if the kitchen cabinets are made of wood, the cabinet must be strong, durable, and looks matched with the color of walls and other parts of the house. Wood coloring is not difficult but necessary precision of knowing the nature of the wood and the nature of the paint or varnish according to the type of wood. If we want to color the parts of kitchen cabinet made of wood without removing wood fiber, then you should use camphor and the like. The kitchen cabinet will not looked shiny and smooth again if the kitchen cabinet have been used or painted in a long time. Therefore, you need to restain kitchen cabinets.

Here’s how to restain kitchen cabinets easily and economically .

  1. Clean all parts of kitchen cabinets with a dry cloth doors. Rub until the entire surface is clean of dust and dirt. If there is stubborn dirt, wipe with soft sandpaper.
  2. Prepare a wood stain to taste. Open the lid, dilute, and mix evenly. Apply with a brush on the surface of the kitchen cabinets. Then scrub with a soft cotton cloth repeatedly until shiny.
  3. The coating of wood stain should not be too thick. Dry first. If thickening is done before the first coat is dry, it will cause chipped and and not smooth.
  4. Rub with a cotton cloth until it looks shiny.

Actually it is rare that others can see the form and content of a kitchen especially for the kitchen cabinets. It is because the visitors are limited to the living room seen. Besides to restain kitchen cabinets, the cleanliness of the kitchen should also be considered. It is by cleaning up the kitchen after cooking. Usually discharged frying something will cause spots on the wall. It can be solved by using cleaning walls. However, not all the dirt in the kitchen can be cleaned by using cleaning walls. Therefore, we recommend around the stove given any mosaic to keep clean and maintain your beautiful kitchen design for surviving in a long time period. Those are some easy tips of how to restain kitchen cabinets from wood.

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