Caring the Reupholster Leather Couch

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You can clean the reupholster leather couch well with some considerations below .

Couch generally can be interpreted as a long chair that has arms, backrest, foam, and upholstery. The term is derived from the word sofa that has a meaning as a place to sit as divan (bed). One component of couch is the upholstery. It can be leather or sometimes fabric. The key of the couch beauty lies on its upholstery especially for leather couch. This fabric cloth upholstery can be used. You can also use leather (genuine or synthetic). For leather couch, there is reupholster leather couch. The selection of the reupholster leather should be adapted to the theme of the room and couch user preferences.

The characteristics of good reupholster leather couch are as follows:

  • If pressed, the leather couch will be crimped
  • The smell of leather is very unique and not such as plastic
  • If exposed to cigarette sparks, it does not perforated
  • The back of genuine leather is different from faux leather

There are many factors that could damage the reupholster leather couch cushions. They are such as mushrooms, water spills, dust, sweat, and also the weather. If those factors are not immediately addressed, couch leather surface will be cracked and not pretty anymore.

You can take care of the couch in daily and weekly. For daily maintenance, you need to do it regularly to maintain the cleanliness of the surface. It’s easy once. First, use a feather duster to remove the dust. After that, wipe the surface of the skin with a cloth made of cotton and dry with a cloth fiber. If there are stains that stick, the cleaning is still the same by using those two fabrics. For weekly maintenance, you have to do it once a week to keep the leather quality and the appearance of the couch. Use moisturizers and cleansers with skin fabrics that are widely available in the market. First, spray the cleaner on a clean cloth. Subsequently, wipe the entire surface of the couch and let it stands for 5 minutes. The final step is wiping the back couch with another clean cloth on the entire surface.

Reupholster leather couch cushions

Besides those two above treatments, there is also another form of treatment to overcome the fungus that can damage the leather couch:

  1. Mix a bowl of water with a few drops of liquid soap baby
  2. Use a soft sponge mixed with a mixture of water and baby soap to scrub the surface of the couch that are exposed to the fungus
  3. Rub the entire surface of the couch, especially at the corners which are usually susceptible to fungus
  4. Perform a second wiping with a damp cotton cloth to rinse the remnants of fungi that are still attached
  5. Dry the surface of the couch with fabric fiber
  6. Apply a moisturizer couch (can be replaced with human skin moisturizer / hand & body lotion)

In order to make the reupholster leather couch cushions design always be maintained, you should never use chemical detergents to clean the leather couch. It is because the chemical constituents in the detergent able to make the skin color to fade. Besides, avoid also the direct sunlight and damp areas. The last step on caring the leather couch is to add the cover on the back and arm of couch. It is because those two parts are very easy to dirty.

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