Choosing the Sharpest Kitchen Knife

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It is important to choose the sharpest kitchen knife to keep you comfortable and safe to be used .

One of the cooking equipment that must be in your home kitchen and is most often used is knife. Selection of the proper and the sharpest kitchen knife will help the process of cutting the food to be perfect. Besides, proper care is required so the knife remains durable and not broken. Knife has many functions for activities in the kitchen. It is for cutting vegetables, meat and other foodstuffs, fruit and vegetable peeling, slicing spices, or chopping food. Because it is often used, it is important to choose the right knife to keep them comfortable and safe to be used. Knife is a sharp tool or weapon that humans often use to cut, slice, or tear the desired object. The knife itself consists of two main parts. The first part is called as a knife blade and the second part is called the handle of a knife which holds the place of this object, while using it.

How to select and care knives properly will be started first with how to choose a good knife. When you want to buy a knife in the market, the main thing you should consider when you’re shopping knife is to choose the blade according to the needs that you want. For example, if you need a knife for slicing or cutting activities choose the sharpest kitchen knife that can support all your activities. You do not even choose a blunt knife, like to cut the cake. Of course the benefits and usefulness of the knife you buy is not just in function. Then pay attention to the materials used on the handle and the blade of the knife. Try to choose a knife that is not easy to rust. Choose a knife that has a straight blade, so when it is used to cut, the results of such pieces remain straight and neat.

Rust on the knife can be attached to food and can cause disease. Materials used to make the knife are stainless steel as a material that does not rust. Other materials that can be made into is a ceramic knife. Ceramic knife has advantages over stainless steel knife. The surplus of ceramic knife is that it does not need to be sharpened to be the sharpest kitchen knife. However, the price of ceramic knife is more expensive and need to be careful when using ceramic knife because it may break. Because the knife is sharp, it is necessary to secure the knife so not to injure. One of the safety factors to consider is the grip on the knife. Choose a knife with a comfortable grip and not easily apart.

Wood is the handle of a knife that is most widely used because it meets this requirement. Wood can be formed to a comfortable shape to hold and it is also not easily separated even in wet conditions. Straight knife will produce a neat piece. To obtain pieces with maximum results, note the knife before buying. Based utility, there are several types of knives. For example: chef knife (blade commonly used), fillet knife (to make fillet meat), a butcher knife (to cut the meat), bread knife (to cut the cake), etc. Select the appropriate utility knife for the maximum results.

For optimal usage, it does not mean they have to be expensive. It is because with proper care, the knife will be durable and will function properly. The knife needs to be sharpened to maintain its sharpness. How often knife should be sharpened is depending on the frequency of use and type of knife. If it is increasingly being used, then the knife should be sharpened more often. By type, butcher knife needs to be sharpened more frequently than the knife used to cut vegetables or fruit. After used, clean the sharpest kitchen knife by washing it using dishwashing soap and wipe it using a cloth or tissue. Keep knives in a dry place to prevent rusting knife. Most importantly, keep the knife in a safe place, the place that can not be touched by children to prevent injury due to the knife abuse.

Choose Sharpest Kitchen Knife Set

Choosing a sharpest kitchen knife set for the specific purpose is easy to hard. Besides a lot of choices, sometimes we also confused to choose which suit the needs and comfortable hands during use. There are several points to consider in choosing the sharpest kitchen knife. Pick a knife of carbon or stainless steel material. Carbon makes the knife remains sharp, while the stainless steel material is not easily rust and easy to clean. Do not choose steel knife because it will only make the knife steel is corroded. Whatever type of knife you buy make sure the bore is safe for all kinds of foodstuffs. Make sure your knives are made of strong wrought iron and can cut well. In order to maintain sharpness, the knife should be sharpened. How to sharpen a knife can be done in the traditional way by using special stones. If you are not familiar with this way, it is better to use a more modern tool or take it to a repairman sharpening knives.

Kitchen knife is one of the main tools in the cooking process. Therefore, it takes properly care so the knife can be used. Here are some tips to care for and keep the sharpest kitchen knife set in order to always durable, sharp and simplify the process of cooking in the kitchen. Wash immediately after the knife used to cut materials containing acid to keep the color of the knife and to prevent rapid change. Especially if the handle is made of wood, do not be left too long in wet conditions because the handle can easily weathered and loose. Before using the knife after a long storage, wipe the blade with a rag in advance to avoid bacterial contamination. After cutting food ingredients containing acid, immediately wash the knife so the color does not rapidly change and not quickly erode. To make it not rapidly blunt, dry the knife before storage. Well, if it is blunt, try sharpening knives on a whetstone or mortar. When sharpening the knife with a sharpening stone, try the same direction. For example, if the direction of the first is down, the next should also lead to the bottom. If you use a different direction, it will be a dull knife. If the knife is not used for a long time after being washed and wiped dry, apply with cooking oil. Wipe with a tissue and wrap knife with cloth. If you can use a rusty knife to remove rust, wash thoroughly after cleaning rust. Use a knife according to the needs and the type. Instead, avoid using a knife to cut a hard object.

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