How to Choose Appropriate Replacement Mattress for Pull out Couches ?

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Get tired of your old mattress? This is the guideline for choosing replacement mattress for pull out couches

We know that sometime we will have guests that want to stay over. It will be easy if there is Pull out couches or Sleeper sofa. It is not only increase the interior flexibility but also practically. It adds some unseen but valued dimension to any family room or other living space. You just need to smoothly pulling out into full sofa bed when you need the space to provide lodgings some guests. The sleeper sofa gives you the type of flexibility, warranting you can always privilege the space you need and prepare for any circumstance. If your mattress is need to be changed due to the old or damage mattress. You need to look for replacement mattress for pull out couches with the right size and good quality.

Replacement mattresses for pull out couches

It can be confusing shopping for a replacement mattress. Here are the steps how to choose replacement mattresses for pull out couches.

  1. Measure the size of the mattress

What you need to measure is sofa bed frame. This is the accurate way to determine the size of replacement mattress.  Do not measure your existing mattress because due to wear and tear. Measure the length and width of inside frame and round down to the nearest inch. For example, the width is 53 ½”, write down 53” instead, same goes for length. For the standard height of a sofa mattress is 4.5”.

  1. Choose the type you want.

There are five most common replacement mattresses. They are Memory foam, urethane foam, natural latex, air over coil, and coil.  Memory foam gives cushion firm feel, not too hard or too soft.  This is excellent choice for night sleeping mattress. Latex mattress is firm side (hard). This mattress is the most eco-friendly being constructed from rubber trees and soy plants. When choosing the latex make sure to choose the natural one instead of synthetic that will break down much faster. The foam mattress may be less luxurious compared to latex or memory foam, but the high density foam is a great alternative to coil sofa. The coil mattress is an air mattress with coils in the base. Coil sofa bed mattress is standard sofa bed. This type of mattress has reputation for being the least comfortable of the sofa mattress types. The average coil sofa has only 1/2” of padding on top. This is the reason you are waking up with backache.

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