How to Make Plasma TV Stands Simply

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Plasma TV stands manage budget well and design TV stand that you want

Plasma TV includes high definition television (HDTV) categorize that becomes substitute from standard television. Plasma Television can appear the sharp picture and bright color especially this is used to organize high definition broadcast. Plasma screen has 16:9 that is appropriate with large screen movie format. Benefit of plasma television has flat screen so it is easy to install in the wall without need many spaces. So, choosing the plasma TV stands is also needed to make the plasma TV looks more elegant and glamour. The Most of flat-screen TV or plasma TV is from plastic stand, allowing fast installation on any flat surface. Instead of splashing out on an expensive TV stand, you can organize your own for very little money. To organize a stand with built-in storage shelves, all you need is a saw, hammer, and basic mounting hardware.

To make the plasma TV stands is enough simple and do not spend much money or includes low budget. The first, you must cut wood pieces. You buy a sheet of plywood that is 3/4-inch thick. With a hand saw, table saw, or jigsaw, cut two pieces that measure 3 feet by 1.5 feet, and cut two 1.5-foot squares. Cut another rectangle that measures 1.5 feet by 2 feet, 10.5 inches. Use a T-square to ensure that each corner is square. Cut two sections of 3/4-inch square wood to a length of 1.5 feet. Second, you should attach Side Supports Lay your two 1.5-foot squares on your work table. Draw a line down the center of each square. Place one of the 1-inch-square pieces of wood next to the line. Align one edge of the wood with the line. Nail the piece into place. Repeat on the other wood square.

Plasma tv stands designs

The squares are the side panels of the plasma tv stands designs, and the 1-inch strips are the shelf supports. Third, you assemble the Frame. Stand one of the side panels on the work surface, with the shelf support on the left side and the 1-inch-square end of the shelf support facing you. Fourth, you should add a Back Panel. Lay your TV stand frame on a piece of 1/2-inch plywood. Trace around the outside edge of the stand to create the shape of the back panel. The last, you finish the TV Stand Use sandpaper to smooth any rough edges on the TV stand and the remaining piece of wood. Stain or paint the wood, or leave it bare. When the surface dry and slide the loose piece of wood into the stand, resting it on top of the side supports, to create the shelf. Place your plasma TV on top of the stand. So, you can build your plasma tv stands that is to manage your budget well and design TV stand that you want based on your taste.

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