Knowing More The Pros And Cons Of Plantation Blinds Lowes

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Choose The Nice Plantation Blinds Lowes For Bringing Clean And Crisp Look

To enhance the beauty of your home, you need to choose the best window treatment. There are many window treatments that you can choose for your room.  How do you know the best window treatment for your home?  You can read the pros and cons of each window treatment to help you decide the best window treatment for your room. One of the most popular choices is plantation blinds. Are you interested in plantation blinds? Originally,the plantation blinds designed for light control, ventilation, and protection. At these modern days, plantation blinds also offer decorative purpose when fitted as window treatments in aroom.Perhaps, plantation blinds are good choice for your room. You can buy plantation blinds at several places. One of them is Lowes. Lowes provides many selections of plantation blinds. You can choose one of the nice plantation blinds Lowes for your home. Plantation blinds are appropriate for any room in your home.

You can install in your kitchen, bathroom, dining room, etc. Plantation blinds will enhance the appearance of your room. By installing the plantation blinds, your room will look nicer. You should choose the plantation blinds that could unite perfectly with your room decor. Think carefully the plantation blinds before purchasing. Choose the nice style that will improve the look of your room. Plantation blinds Lowes is composed of some wood plank levers that attached to a frame then safes to the window frame. The operation of plantation blinds is same with Venetian blinds, but minus cords. Some designs of plantation blinds have a frame which holds the blinds open. When your room needs more light, the plantation blinds could sit on the window like doors. The rod is attached to the middle of the planks. The rod could change the slats’ angle when needed. Some plantation blinds also have a tilt-rod adjustment.

Plantation Blinds Lowes Pros And Cons

If you need information about the plantation blinds lowes pros and cons , you can read the information below. These are several pros and cons that will help you to decide the plantation blinds Lowes.

Make to order

These plantation blinds are made to order.  The company customizes the plantation blinds to fit the window perfectly. You should measure your window accurately. The company will ask the detail measurement of your window and then make your plantation blinds. With perfect size, your plantation blinds will fit nicely and create clean and crisp look to your room.

Increase the value of your room

Plantation blinds will increase the value of your room. Plantation blinds are the only window treatment that can be financed since they will stay with the sold house. Plantation blinds are very popular. Many people love having this nice product. It is good idea to install the plantation blinds in your room.


Not only bring nice look, plantation blinds Lowes also provides a purpose for your room. You can cut down the energy cost by installing the plantation blinds. You can open the louvers to allow the light entering your room. The natural light will give you enough lighting. You can also protect your furniture and artwork from sun exposure by simply closing the plantation blinds.


Plantation blinds Lowes requires routine TLC. You should do regular cleaning to keep the nice look of your plantation blinds. Regular cleaning is very important to maintain the clean and crisp look of your plantation blinds. Most of the plantation blinds are made of wood. Some dust will ruin the beauty look of wood. You need more effort to clean the dust that accumulated on wood. Sometimes, you need to to tighten the louvers. The temperature and daily usage will change the tight of the louvers.

Limited option

Plantation blinds come in limited color, texture, and material option. You could not find many options a more unique look like the other window treatments.

Those are the pros and cons of plantation blinds. You can compare with the pros and cons from the other window treatment. If you get more benefits from plantation blinds, you can buy the plantation blinds in Lowes store. You will face several options. You should think carefully the plantation blinds for your room.  These are some collections of plantation blinds from Lowes. You can read the information of these products to help you deciding the right plantation blinds.

1.      Levolor 2-in Pecan Faux Wood Plantation Blinds

The price of these plantation blinds is $58.00. But, at Lowes you just need to pay$46.40. It means that you can save your money until 20%.  It is one of the nice plantation blinds at Lowes. These plantation blinds provide the beauty of real wood with little cost. The actual dimensions of these plantations blinds are 34.5 inches x 72 inches. You can ask the custom size. These plantation blinds are very durable and moisture resistant. These plantation blinds are very great option for high humidity spaces. They are also appropriate for several areas with a lot of practice wear and tear. Choosing this product is very great, but you should be careful while installing this product. You should consider that the cord of these blinds present strangulation risk. For children safety, it is better for you to choose the blinds with no cord.

2.      Levolor 2-in Dover Faux Wood Plantation Blinds

For having these plantation blinds, you just need to spend $39.18. The dimensions of these plantations blinds are 72 inches x 34.5 inches. You can customize the size depends on your window measurement. With white finish, these plantation blinds are very nice for some room décor. The white color will coordinate well with many colors. The slats are durable and moisture resistant. Valance and hardware are included. Plantation blinds at Lowes comes with a limited lifetime warranty. If you buy in the store, you can cut the width freely. This product will give you great light control. You can choose plantation blinds with inaccessible cord for more child safety. You can get the durable headrails. The headrails are constructed with long lasting aluminum.

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