L Shaped Kitchen Design for More Effective Kitchen Activities

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L shaped kitchen design can be applied to the kitchen which has a limited area .

The kitchen is designed so beautifully with the kitchen set and a variety of modern kitchen appliancesand features. Do you plan to create a kitchen set for the home kitchen, especially to make L shaped kitchen design? There are a few things you should understand before making a decision. During its development, in Indonesia the term pantry often interpreted as ‘kitchen clean’. Pantry itself comes from the English language that means little room to store dishes or snacks. Pantry equipped with modern kitchen set becomes an important issue in managing the home. Perhaps it is as important as the arrangement of the living room and the family room or other space in a dwelling. Currently, the pantry is not just served as a kitchen, but also a gathering place for family members when the breakfast or dinner.

Activity in the pantry typically includes storing dry food ingredients, practical cooked foodstuffs, warm food, and making fresh drinks. Meanwhile, the cooking done in a dirty kitchen is commonly called the service area. The existence of pantry is very useful because besides these activities, it is also as sweeten the room in the house. Thus, today a pantry for the kitchen eventually becomes a display. It is legitimate. However, that must be considered are the three basic of the main activities in it. They are, cooking for the dish you want served, then washing and storing cooking equipment in the kitchen which has a nice shape like L shaped kitchen design.

It is also important to consider the suitability of the design of the kitchen set, especially L shaped kitchen design with the overall appearance of the house. Certainly it is less suitable if you make a kitchen set with modern minimalist design at home with classic style or Victorian. For some people, cooking is a fun activity. Unsparing, they will choose the sophisticated cooking device or a host of services to distribute this hobby. One is to create a kitchen set that becomes a pleasant place to perform the activity process and provide foodstuffs. Based on the function, L shaped kitchen design can be divided into two. The first is the service area. This is place where the cooking is actually carried out such as preparing food from raw processed into food that is ready to eat. The second is a dry kitchen. In this room, most people only make quick and easy meals to be served. The kitchen is usually combined with the family room or dining room and fitted modern kitchen equipment.

Modern kitchen planning follows the triangle principle which states that the three main functions of the kitchen are the storage (such as refrigerators), preparation, and cooking. Some forms of the common kitchen are such as kitchen single line, double line, and L shaped kitchen design. A single kitchen line configuration shapes kitchen set in one straight line. This model is commonly found in the kitchen that is not too big. The advantage of this kitchen is an efficient place. Due to size limitations, this type of kitchen is less effective for complex activities. The single line kitchen is rather difficult to create a combination of wet kitchen and dry kitchen. Kitchen single line should be enabled for only one type of kitchen. If you still want to show you both the work flow, kitchen need to be considered carefully in order not to mix between functionality wet kitchen and dry kitchen.

Usually this type of kitchen set is used for small houses and apartments where a small room is only 2.5 meters and each distance between the edges of the stove to the side edge of the sink is at least 60 cm as to the side of refrigerator. This form is less effective but efficient. The second, kitchen formed double line. It is a kitchen with kitchen set shaped configuration of two straight lines. This kitchen model is usually applied to separate between wet and dry kitchen so between the wet and dry kitchen does not converge but facing each other. The distance between the two sides of at least 80cm provides ease of circulation during the move in the kitchen. Layout of double line kitchen is also worth noting that the activity of cooking can be done comfortably and safely. This type of kitchen has a cabinet that face each other with a minimum distance of 120 cm in each cabinet. Workflow with a concept like this is very effective that form a triangle. We recommend that sink is separated with the existing cabinet stove. Usually washing activities will certainly splash water everywhere.

L Shaped Kitchen Design with Island

Kitchen with shape “L” is one of kitchen which is widely used in home today. The kitchen elbow shape also allows the grouping between wet and dry kitchen that can be shared on both sides. Try to put a fridge or storage cupboard in the corner farthest from the stove, and sink is down the middle, but not too far because cooking can be very tiring. Usually on the side walls of the existing refrigerator (the refrigerator outer side and away from the stove), place closet storage (such as cuisine that is not depleted, the food will be eaten again) for irrespective of the groove cooking. The advantage of L shaped kitchen design is to have a comfortable circulation path for the activity.

Kitchen with island is one of the unique configurations of kitchen set. If the configuration of other kitchen set is in the wall, in this design there is one part that is located in the center of the room. That part is called the island. Kitchen with island is created to accommodate the needs of the spacious kitchen space. This configuration can take the basic form of other configurations, such as single line, “L” or “U”. Island in the middle of is normally shaped table that can be used as a laundry area, cooking area, pantry, or bench. Model of L shaped kitchen design with island gives exclusive impression and can be applied if there is enough spacious room. The first step in designing a kitchen set is to describe the concept that you want. Then, find a suitable kitchen models. You can directly make a sketch. After the sketch finished, leave it to the manufacturer to translate your sketch with more accurate design drawings. Remember that the typical space, wide appliances, and its habits, none of the L shaped kitchen design with island to be exact, so the kitchen in your home will be very typical, only according to your taste.

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