L Shaped Kitchen Design with The Smart Kitchen Islands

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Kitchen design that is flexible enough for spacious or limited area is L shaped kitchen design. Install it to your room with smart kitchen island will add effectiveness to your kitchen .

Some remodeling is done in order to change the look and the practical function of the room. Kitchen with small and limited space need extra remodeling to get the best looking and maximize the space for more efficient kitchen. There is U shaped kitchen design, gallery kitchen design and other layout for your remodeling idea. If you want to focus in control the available space you have to install L shaped kitchen design. This design is famous for its flexibility. The multifunction L shaped design will allow you to proficiently use the room. The trademark of the design is the use of one or two contiguous wall. L Shaped kitchen design usually uses both walls and collaborate the upper and lower cabinets on each wall of the “L” shape. For more breathable space in your kitchen that allows you to flow between different spaces in your home, it is possible if you install L shaped design with the use one wall as the base of the “L” and built an open countertop. This open design make the kitchen seems fresh and open rather than the two walls L shaped design. However, because it is open design only use one wall, you need to add extra storage with upper cabinet.

If your kitchen is spacious enough to add some kitchen island, why not install L shaped kitchen design with Island?  The kitchen island will certainly assist you to prepare the meal. The island is great addition for further counter space. It is possible for you to work with your guest or family if you have island to help you serve and prepare the food. Make sure to install the island with enough walking space. It will not convenient for you if you are cooking but the walking space is too narrow.

L shaped kitchen design with island

The L shaped kitchen design with island will give you an extra storage. The L shaped with two walls will eat up the wall space if you use both of the space for storage. With extra storage given by the island you can free it up or give some space to provide gorgeous view by build lovely windows. Adding island with shelves and ceiling-mounted pot rack are recommended for you. To provide casual space for your family to eat in the kitchen you can add some extra table or space with extra seating. With this design, you still have enough space but still keep your kitchen in style, keep both fancy and functional kitchen.

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