Let’s Talk about Delta Touch Faucet : What is the disadvantage ?

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Some technology are created to help people in every way possible but every technology has its own disadvantage and problem, same goes to Delta Touch faucet .

It is fascinating how technology even changes the plumbing area. Touch faucet is one item that gradually advances popularity, especially in kitchen and bathroom. The faucet or fitting have sensors located along the spout and handle faucet. One of the brands that adopt this tech is Delta touch faucet. The touch faucet is available to compliment your kitchen and lavatory. The Delta’s collections like; Addison, Trinsic, Cassidy or Lahara; have a lot of benefits for your bathroom and even kitchen. The Touch faucet distributes water once touched with your body; and then shuts off when you tad it again. The faucet is expedient for homeowner and can limit the cross contamination. Why? This is safe because you do not need to worry about touching the handle and carrying the germs back to your hands. Delta touch faucet is great value faucet. Delta uses Touch2o system with combination of diamond seal tech for guarding against leak and use Magna Tite Docking System for perfect fit.

Delta touch faucet problems

We know that every single thing have its strength and shortcoming, same goes for the touch faucet. There are some Delta touch faucet problems that give negative point to this sophisticate technology.

  • The touch faucet requires batteries to function effectively. The battery packs need to be changed overtime, so you need to prepare the battery beforehand and always check the faucet regularly.
  • All of the products are not created identically. Some faucets are more sensitive than others and even can be activated with a light brush, it can be very annoying.
  • It is difficult to adjust the water temperature and water flow. Because of the faucet handle control the flow and temperature of the water. Even though you may solve it with set the handle to turn it in weaker stream, it will still turn on at full force in the beginning and only then it will adjust to weaker flow.
  • The faucet is little bit hassle to install. You need to follow series of instructions (requires power form like electricity and sensor) in order to successfully install the faucet and of course the task is not easy either. You will end up request professional plumber to mount it for you.

Delta Touch faucet can be excellent choice for modern home with large amount of water, and keep germs or bacteria away from spreading.  The Delta touch faucet problems are not present to deter you from considering the choice. You can take your time and think about the advantage and disadvantage for your home.

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