Nice Pottery Barn Blackout Curtains Will Give Many Functions

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Realizing a pottery barn blackout curtains is not difficult

Do you want to instal pottery barn blackout curtains for your room? If so, it is very nice idea. The blackout curtain will decorate your room with many functions. The  blackout curtain will block the sunlight exposure. It is very great to help you sleep during the day. You can install it in your bedroom and nursery. It will also help the baby who had difficulty sleeping at day. You can also install it in your home theater room to make your room darker. You can watch your favourite movie at day like in cinema room. The other function of blackout curtain is reducing the noise. It is very good item if you live near the street. The blackout curtain could reduce the noise from the outside. You can take a rest comfortably in your room at day. Your blackout curtain could reduce around 40 % noise that enter your room through your window. You can buy pottery barn blackout curtains in several stores or online shops. There are many blackout curtain options that you can choose from. You should choose the blackout curtain that matches with your room. The nice combination will make your room looks more beautiful. You will create useful and nice room.

Create Nice And Useful Room With Pottery Barn Kids Blackout Curtains

You can also buy pottery barn kids blackout curtains for your kid’s room. There are several options, such as:

  1. Ruffle Roman Shade Panel

The tiers of the ruffles will give a romantic style to the curtain. The curtain is backed with blackout panel. It is very great for your daughter’s room. It is 60 inches long and five width options. The blackout lining is polyester/cotton. The regular price of this curtain is $259. But, you can buy this curtain on sale with the price of $154.99.

  1. Linen Color Block Blackout Panel

The regular price of this curtain is $89 – $109, but you can buy this curtain onsale with the price of $59.99 – $109. It is 44 inches wide. It is one of pottery barn kids blackout curtains that are available in 3 lengths. It made of linen. The panel provides a 3-in-1 hanging method. The bright pink that twists on the panel will look great in your kids’ room for several years.

  1. Evelyn Vine Panel,

The regular price of this curtain is $89 – $109, but you can buy this curtain on sale with the price of $79 – $109. The linen weave and a blackout lining will darken your kids’ room when they take a nap. It is available in 3 lengths with 44 inches wide.

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