Reasons Why You Should Choose to Restain Kitchen Cabinet? Steps Inside .

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Pick Up Your Mind and Taking Action to Restain Kitchen Cabinet

Having such a beautiful and durable kitchen cabinet is happiness.  Not all people could have long durability in kitchen cabinet because it depends on the material used and the maintenance itself. Although when you are buying the cabinet and then the seller claims that it is lifetime durable but the fact usually goes wrong. Since wooden kitchen cabinet stands more than 10 years, there will be no lifetime guarantee on wooden cabinet although it is claimed as lifetime durable. When it has come so old and the color is seen dull, you may have an idea to restain kitchen cabinet made of wood. Before you start thinking to refinish your cabinet, you need to find out why your kitchen cabinet is too easy to be dull even you have regular maintenance and then make sure that you always clean up after cooking but you forget on how you choose the finishing if your own kitchen cabinet. Don’t stay on thought that kitchen cabinet is always standing longer than other furniture but think about refinishing or repainting at least twice a year then you can find you own answer on how to restain kitchen cabinet if you are confused on your messy kitchen cabinet after years.

First before we start to talk about how to restain kitchen cabinet, let’s talk about why this kind of refinishing is far way better than remodeling. Remodeling is about move here and move there then you will spend a lot of changing the model of your kitchen cabinet. Some cabinets have cost more than thousand dollars and even ten thousand dollars depending on the size of your kitchen. It is indeed confusing when to decide to refinish or remodel when you are really getting bored to your old cabinet in your kitchen. Then it is all about talking about budgeting. No wonder when people want to remodel their kitchen cabinet, they all have prepared the cost including the professional service, painting, material and days you will spend with your service. It is your decision when you have to choose whether you need to remodel or just restain kitchen cabinet on your list of plan. Think about the budget you will spend and think another saving if you really need to look out another room you need to remodel or refinish. Although kitchen is the vital place but when you can restain kitchen cabinets, why not to choose that one? When the time you need to remodel, just plan and start saving for it but consider the condition of your own kitchen cabinet whether it needs to remodel or just refacing.

After you have looked at and decided that you need to restain kitchen cabinet than remodeling, let’s just discuss about it and forget about remodeling your kitchen cabinet. Here are the simple steps you need to follow when you are going to refinish your kitchen cabinet:

  1. Prepare the material to restain your kitchen cabinet like finishing coat, stripper, basic grade stain and others tools that you may need in refinishing your cabinet. The cost if it is counted up to 120 square, you will need baout $34 for future repairs also
  2. Skip the labor if you are sure that you can do it by yourself then you do not need to use the labor for planning, preparation including protection to kitchen stuffs and setup. Search more what you will need in restaining, and learn ever single steps on tutorial how to restain kitchen cabinet. When you can do anything by your own hand, you will save more than $400 for a day even when you will spend more days just to refinish this thing, still you will save that amount of dollars.
  3. Prepare the material of supplies that require for staining including masking paper and tape and cleaning up supplies. This is important since you also need protection when you are restaining your kitchen cabinet. It will cost about $30 for all stuffs you will need and ask to the supplier on what tools you will need.

How to restain kitchen cabinet

After you have prepared all the materials you have to have in your big project for your kitchen, then it is the time to execute what you have learned in tutorial how to restain kitchen cabinet on some videos or articles you have seen and learned. Here we will make the summary of the steps in restaining your kitchen cabinet:

  1. Start removing the hardware and the doors and first cleaning up using 1 gallon water (choose the hot one) mixed with 3tbsp trisodium phospate. Here you need to protect your eye and hand with rubber glove.
  2. Protect the floors, otlets, countertops and appliances with plastic sheeting
  3. In cleaning up the kitchen cabinet, you need to use cloth to remove dirt, grease and dust.
  4. Strip the cabinet with paint stripper to remove any refinishing at oak then leave it until the bubbles appear.
  5. Wipe the cabinets and doors with damp cloth and then leave until they totally dry
  6. Take the sanding time with medium sand paper to remove any gouges and scratches. Make sure that you use long stroke in doing this
  7. Wipe the sanding dust until the scratches gone and looks smooth and make sure also that the kitchen cabinet is free from any dust. Making sure the dust gone is the very important step in restain kitchen cabinet.
  8. Prepare your paintbrush to apply oil based stain on your kitchen cabinets, do it from small to bigger one and make sure you penetrate the stain deeply
  9. Leave it for at least 15 minutes so your wooden cabinet absorb the stain you have applied. You can wipe the excess then keep applying stain.
  10. Repeat applying and wiping the excess to all parts of your kitchen cabinet
  11. Leave them until the dry already and prepare the coating
  12. Wipe the dust and then do the final coating using thin coat like polyurethane
  13. Let your kitchen cabinet dry and then reinstall completely

That’s all the ways you can follow if you want to DIY restain your kitchen cabinet. That’s also the answer on how to restain kitchen cabinet.

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