Refurbishing Kitchen Cabinets:Get new look with several cheap ways

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This new refurbishing kitchen cabinets thing will make you create diversity

Kitchen cabinets get many punishments from cooking steam and heat, oil splashes, and grease spatters in every day use. For a long time, certainly your kitchen cabinets are going to look ugly. It will run the view of your kitchen.  Refurbishing kitchen cabinets is a smart way to get the new look of your kitchen cabinet. Refurbishing is cheaper way to get the nice look than buy the new cabinet. Start to make a plan of refurbishing kitchen cabinets and get a marvelous kitchen makeover.

Refurbishing kitchen cabinets yourself

There are several steps of refurbishing kitchen cabinets yourself that could help you to make over your kitchen cabinet. The steps are:

  1. Make a plan

Think your project, and then prepare all of the materials and tools that you need. Check all of things that you need before you start to make over your kitchen cabinet. Several things that may useful for you are: screw drivers,scrapers, sanding blocks, a hammer, rags, masking tape, material to cover adjacent surfaces (i.e.: newspapers, a drop cloth), paint stripper, primer, and paint brushor sprayer.

  1. Prepare the kitchen cabinet

Empty your cabinet and remove its doors and shelves. You may need to remove the screw. You should unscrew the support carefully in order to avoid some damages. Give label to all of the cabinet doors and shelves. It will help you to remember their place. After that, clean the cabinet surface. You can use TSP to remove heavy grease. This product is also able to help you dull the old paint. Sand any rough spots until the cabinet have smooth surface. Wipe the cabinet with damp cloth to remove the dust particle. If you want to finish your cabinet with oil base product, you should dampen the cloth with mineral spirits rather than water. After that, let it dry.

  1. Prime the kitchen cabinet

Prime your kitchen cabinet to help you bond the new paint with the old paint. Primer will seal the wood and cover any knots, blemishes, and stains. Take the right primer which matches with your paint.

  1. Paint your kitchen cabinet

To get a smooth and glossy finish, you can use a sprayer. If you prefer to use a brush, choose the high quality brush. Brush the surface with one direction and do not lay the paint too thick.

  1. Reassemble the kitchen cabinet

After get the nice finishing, reassemble your cabinet. Your kitchen cabinet ready to use with the new look.

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