Restring Blinds, One Cheap Way You Can Do It By Yourself

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Restring Blinds And Re-Back Your Blinds Charming Instantly

If we find any damage to the blinds we have included an imbalance in the blinds because the blinds hanging on by a thread, then do not feel worried and in a hurry to replace it with a new blinds because we could easily replace the broken thread with a new fabric exact string cheaper and easier. It also will not make us take too much time because the skill level that we will face is easy as long as we have a few items that we need to complete the process restring blinds ranging from strings for blinds (Twine or fabric), threading needle, and washers.

And here are some steps that we need to go through to get the look of blinds is back dazzling and charming. First, remove the blinds from the window to facilitate process improvements that we will apply. Secondly, because we will improve the metal blinds, then we can begin to move 3 of 4 metal caps at the end of the blind rails. After that, moving the two metal caps at the bottom and leave the metal caps on the top at the process of how to restring blinds we do. The top of that move will be the side where we will replace the string. Be sure to slide right off the metal caps at the end of each rail by pulling it slightly. Once we put it back, we will find that the caps will snap back into place. Third, pull key cord attached to the top rail blind for restring blinds process we have through. After that, sliding both rail sections – top and bottom of the curtain completely, and place. Be sure to make sure that the long edges of the blinds should be visible and only the blinds are visible.

How to Restring Blinds

Fourth, pull out the piece of string slowly then apply the new string thread through the needle hole by using a threading needle which we have prepared in advance. Fifth, tie string at the end after passing through the bottom of the blinds use a washer to do so when we pull the string, no slipping out. Sixth, put back the top and bottom rails on the blinds. Thread the string through the top of the cord lock and place the cord lock on the top rail to help it remain in place. After all, return all 3 caps back at the end of the rails and get back charm of blinds by applying restring blinds.

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