The Good Maintenance and Review of Stenstorp Kitchen Island

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Stenstorp Kitchen Island makes your kitchen becomes more beautiful and elegant

Kitchen is one of important part in a house. The house is without kitchen that is not complete and less the real function of the house. Kitchen is also the place where we use to cook food and make a beverage. It includes the important room where we use to make or cook various food and beverage such as: cake, fried rice, omelet, meatball, and etc. The kitchen is a place to save many materials that has relation with food and beverage like wheat, flour, rice, sugar, garlic, salt, spice, and etc. But there this modern era, the kitchen is not only the room to make the beverage or food but also kitchen is as place that make good view in the house and the kitchen has development style also. The development style is Stenstorp Kitchen Island. This kitchen island has special usage. The usage are free standing kitchen island, this is also easy to place where you want it in the kitchen, this kitchen island consist of two fixed shelves in stainless steel material, a hygienic material, strong and durable material that is easy to keep clean.

The countertop of kitchen island is in solid oak, a durable, natural material that can be sanded and surface treated as needed. The maintenance of this kitchen island is simple and is not complicated that there are some ways that you must follow to create the good nuance in your Stenstorp Kitchen Island in this modern era. The first, wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened with water and a mild dish detergent or soap, if necessary. Second, wipe dry with a clean cloth. Third, light stains can be removed with a damp sponge in water or a mild soapy solution, or with fine sandpaper. Finally, to ensure that your countertop ages gracefully, treat it regularly with BEHANDLA wood treatment oil. It gives the surface a beautiful sheen, protects the wood and prolongs the life of the countertop.

Actually, the precise size is to your Stenstorp kitchen that it includes the neutral size to all of kinds Kitchen Island. There are two sizes that become the favorite choice by the customer. The first, the length is about 49 5/8 “, the width of this kitchen island is about 31 1/8 ” and the heightt is about 35 3/8 “. The second, the length is about 126 cm, The width is about 79 cm, and the height is about 90 cm. You should be noticed the bar stools with seat height of this kitchen island 24 3/4” fit in well with this kitchen island. The function is for increasing stability and re-tightens the screws about two weeks after assembly. There are some ways to change your kitchen by own self by using Stenstorp kitchen. The ways are to update your kitchen nuance and kitchen appearance that you can scrape popcorn ceilings, you install recessed lighting, paint your kitchen cabinets and replace the appliances. IKEA includes the popular brand that is known as the durability and the beautiful design.

IKEA is for Kitchen Island that it is little bit of a splurge, but has proven to be worth the extra cash. It makes your home homier, your kitchen more organized, and your cooking preparation easier. There are also many reasons why you must choose Stenstorp kitchen island. The first reason of the kitchen is including the beautiful and durable piece of furniture. The majority of this furniture comes from IKEA, and you can say this kitchen island is the best-looking and also includes the most durable piece of furniture It does not look cheap but it looks elegant, tidy, multifunction and good design or style. The second reason that this kitchen island can create the great storage and also the space for a small kitchen. Stenstorp kitchen island comes with lots of great storage space. You can keep all of my pots, pans, mixing bowls, baking sheets, and strainers on the shelves of this kitchen island. It’s a cooking miracle. This kitchen island also creates a great working space for prepping food or keeping ingredients out that you use frequently.

IKEA Stenstorp Kitchen Island

When you have a small kitchen, and this kitchen island basically doubles your cooking preparation space. The third reason that the oak butcher blocks of this kitchen island is gorgeous and easy to clean. The oak butcher block looks against the dark frame of this kitchen island. It is a beautiful and super functional piece to have in your house or apartment. The fourth reason that The kitchen island easily fits two stools for a super cute breakfast nook.There is bonus storage space in the back of IKEA Stenstorp Kitchen Island that would fit two stools and create a great breakfast table. The fifth reason that this kitchen island breaks up your house or apartment into two separate spaces. Your kitchen and living room occupy the same room. The addition of this larger kitchen island really separates the room into two spaces, creating a better flow throughout your house or apartment. The two spaces feel more homey and organized as a result.

IKEA Stenstorp Kitchen Island is including The table that is marketed as a freestanding kitchen island, but this kitchen island would make a great baby changing table. It could also follow baby through to his/her older years as a craft table or desk. Just add a changing pad and an assortment of baskets to DIY a temporary changing station.
Actually the specification of this kitchen island such as Work top are from  solid oak, oil Leg/Rail are Solid birch, Acrylic paint Supporting rail are Solid birch, Solid pine Fixed partition are Particleboard, Laminate (melamine foil)  and Shelf is from stainless steel. Ensure you purchase or choose the best furniture to your house. Because furniture makes your house especially the kitchen becomes more beautiful and elegant impression. Don`t forget to purchase this kitchen island that is known with good quality and stylish design. So, this furniture is good choices to you that want the fresh, good nuance and appearance in the kitchen.

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