The Steps of How to Resurface Kitchen Cabinets

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You should follow this step for resurfacing your old kitchen cabinets becoming newest view

Resurfacing is also called as refacing. Actually, it is meant that this process is for giving your old cabinet view becoming transformed looking, with new style and nicer texture. But, the resurfacing process is without cost or replacing the existing cabinets there. Actually, in resurfacing project, you have three selections for your kitchen. Because of resurfacing is laying laminate process, so you should consider some step that you must follow in refacing process. With that instruction, your work will ne netter and easier. And the best result is waiting you. So, follow this some instructions of how to resurface kitchen cabinets.

How to Resurface Kitchen Cabinets ?

The first step is refacing the sides of cabinets, the drawers and doors. This step is done with veneer and stain. But, before you apply the veneer and stain, you should sand the front and side surface of your old cabinets. You do not have to sand it all, just rough it up. This step is for ensuring that the veneer will adhere to the old cabinet properly. If you have finished with the first step, so the next step is staining your cabinet interior. You can use rag or paintbrush to stain the inside edges first. Then, you can stain the sides of cabinet and the front also. After that, you can start to stain the drawers and door of cabinets. Of course the step of how to resurface kitchen cabinets is not done. You should follow other instructions.

The next step is finishing the cabinets that has been veneered or stained with polyurethane. This coat is good for your cabinet. It can protect your cabinets which have faced cooking heat and steam, cleanup splashes or grease spatters. With this polyurethane, your kitchen cabinet will be more durable in appearance. This polyurethane is better because it is water –base and odor-free. You can display three coats of the polyurethane to your cabinets. The next instruction of how to resurface kitchen cabinets is reassembling the cabinets. Ensure that you remove your kitchen cabinets before sanding and staining. If you have finished those steps, you can reassemble the cabinets back. Don’t forget to install the door hinges first before installing the cabinets. Now, your kitchen cabinets have newest looking. You will never suppose that the result will be the best view. But, if you prefer buy new cabinets than resurface it, make sure your budget is ready enough for being spent in high cost.

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