The Various Design of Wall Mounted Coat Racks

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Wall mounted coat racks makes the house becomes efficient and beautiful design

Wall mounted racks is a part of the compliment in the house that has important function also. The function is not only to make the house become more beautiful but this compliment is to hang the kind of clothes such as coat, t-shirt, dress and etc. This article will focus about wall mounted coat racks. They perhaps to hang the coat but they make the coat become tidy and clean. So, when you wear your coat that your coat always good in appearance because the coat is tidy, comfortable, and clean. Actually, there are many kinds of design of wall mounted racks. You can choose this compliment based on your style.

There is wall mounted rack that looked simple made from wood. Actually, this compliment is from wood that it is durable and always up to date of the style or design.  This wall mounted rack is blended the wool material. The wood material is designed becomes circle shape and the color is red in the corner part of the wall mounted coat racks. Then, the hook of this compliment has circle shape like joystick. This design of the compliment has a lot of color that you can choose but the original color is brown and the color is blended with black color. And also there is the unique of wall mounted rack. This design is famous especially in china. Because of this design is made by Tianyi Chang. The concept is simple but unique. You can imagine that you throw the knife in the wall and the knife sticks in the wall. You can hang your coat in the knife. That is the concept that made by Tianyi Chang.

Wall mounted coat racks with shelf

Besides that, the design is also well known in the a lot of country because it is known as the efficient, multifunction, and beautiful design of wall mounted coat racks with shelf. Actually, this compliment is not only to hang the coat but also it can hang a lot of thing that you cannot imagine the things can be hanged. This wall mounted rack is made from ceramic material. The main concept is to hang the coat but i is also known as the multifunction of wall mounted rack so in the under part it is to hang the bag, put the key, money in the upper part. Wall mounted coat racks is designed by Luca Nichetto. There are many of design wall mounted rack that can put in your house. So, choose the design of this compliment based on your taste or style.

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