Tips For Buying Extra Wide Blackout Curtains

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Consider Several Thing Before Buying Wide Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtain is very nice and useful curtain for a room. You can buy theblackout curtain with extra wide sizeif you have large space. Installing the extra wide blackout curtains will make your room becomes greater. these some things that you should consider before buying the curtain.

  • Style

There are so many styles that you can choose from. You should decide the style of the blackout curtain that matches with your space. You should put the right style. If you could buy the right style for your room, you will able to create very nice room appearance. Curtain is very crucial item that will bring different effect to your room.  You should carefully choose the right curtain.

  • Length

There are many length options. It is better for you to measure the size of your window in order to take the right size that you need.

  • Fabric

You can choose the fabric ofthe extra wide blackout curtains that you want. You should consider the durability and the beauty of the fabric.

  • Cleaning options

There are two cleaning options, they are: dry clean only and machine washable. You should do the right cleaning procedure.

Extra wide blackout curtains

Some of the curtains are produced just only for dry clean. And the others curtains are machine washable. There is the maintenance instruction that you can read. You should read the detail information of the blackout curtain. If you buy in the store, usually the staff will give you the detail information about the blackout curtain.

  • Rod

Rod is important to hang your blackout curtain. You should consider the best rod for your blackout curtain. You should the strong rod, since blackout curtain is heavy. Your rod should strong enough to hang your wide blackout curtains.

  • Rod color

There are several rod colors. You should choose the color that will match beautifully with your curtain. The nice combination of the rod and curtain will give more amazing look.

  • Tie Backs

Consider the good tie back. You need a tie back when you want to open your curtain. Using the tie back will create a nice shape to your blackout curtain. You should choose the right size of the tie back. The size of the tie back should equal with the size of the blackout curtain in order to get right proportion.

  • Cost

You should carefully think the cost that you prepare for your wide blackout curtains. You need to the price of each item that will support your blackout curtain. Do not forget to think the installation cost. If you could not install the curtain by yourself, you should hire the professional to install your curtain. Think the total cost that you need.

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