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Get Great Look With Answer The Question Of How To Make Fishtail Swag Curtains

Fishtail swag curtains are one great way for us to add a charming impression of elegance at home we have a window. Moreover, this is a cheap and easy way we can do quickly if we wanted to change the look of a room through the window treatments. For some homeowners, choosing the right window treatments for every room in the house can be quite a challenging task and difficult to do, especially there are so many different types of window treatments that we can get on the market including the fishtail swag.

When we are faced with a question about how to make fishtail swag curtains, then we will go through the following steps. First, we will need a few items such as measuring tape, scissors, pins, pens cloth, metal, drawing pins, sewing machine or hemming tape, and a few other items. Second, do the measurements on the window and get the width of the window and how long so that we can determine how much fabric we need. After that, we can prepare the fabric to the design, colors, and patterns that have been adapted to the style of decoration of the room on the floor or a flat surface. Printed the up side and fold the right side to the left a few inches and mark with the use of a pin. Third, using gauges and a fabric pen to draw a diagonal line on pins into the upper right corner and cut along the line through both layers of the fabric. After that, unfold the fabric we would find such a trapezoidal shape. Place the fabric on a flat surface and the printed side down. After that, fold the edges as much as 1 /4 inch hem and iron. Repeat the process on the other part. Fourth, sewing the edges with a sewing machine or use hemming tape to hold it remains in place. To answer the question how to make fishtail swag curtains, then the next step we need to do is get the right illustration to help us in realizing the right design.

How to make fishtail swag curtains

We can put the fabric on a flat surfaced, fold it up from the shortest to the longest side of a trapezoidal shape that we get. Do not forget to use a tape measure to get the center of the length and the mark in front of the swag using a pin. Fifth, get the curtain rod with the right size and specify the central part before the mark. Thereafter, the longest cloth lined up at the back curtain rod and gets some adjustments to get a balanced view. Do not forget to collect the corner of the fabric at the end of the curtain rod and hold it with pins. Create a bow in the middle and set the pleats to create fishtail swag curtains look beautiful and charming.

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